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Launch of Portfolio Review                               

You have spent decades building, preserving and protecting your real estate portfolio. However, times have changed and markets are evolving to the point that in order to succeed, you need to evolve with them. The methods you have always used may not be the best methods to use now. It’s one thing to get into real estate, but it’s another to stay in it in a meaningful and profitable way.

Get Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio Reviewed for FREE!

LEGACY is introducing Portfolio Review – a real estate portfolio assessment service that is the first of its kind in Canada. This complementary service just launched and is available online only right now. At LEGACY, we care about your financial future and believe you should live yours by your own design.

We know investing in real estate is a more daunting task now than ever before. Portfolio Review will provide a second opinion to help you understand if you are in the right markets and if you are positioned to mitigate risks, leverage opportunities, and prosper now while building a LEGACY for future generations.

Our four promises to you:

  1. We’ll identify the dangers confronting your portfolio given the risks we see on our radar. From market and economic risks to political and housing risks, we’ll assess your portfolio using the data and research we have compiled.
  2. We’ll define and measure the opportunities within your portfolio that you may not be taking full advantage of (or even be aware of!) We’ll look at the market, economic, investor and international buying environments your portfolio is in to measure, gauge, respect and leverage them.
  3. We’ll assess the strengths of your portfolio so we can zero in and help you continue doing what works well in each market based on the latest financial metrics. We want to ensure your portfolio’s strengths keep serving you, not robbing you.
  4. We’ll take an expansive view of your portfolio, analyzing what it could look like in the long term. Your portfolio may be strong now, but we want it to be strong forever. Taking the dangers, opportunities and strengths we have identified into account, we’ll look at what your portfolio needs to survive and prosper for the next five, ten and more years.

By getting your portfolio reviewed by us, you’ll have what it takes to leverage it and succeed in real estate, now and in the future. This isn’t just a conversation about your portfolio – it’s a conversation about you AND your portfolio. We don’t want you to just live and lead a financial LEGACY, we want you to leave one.