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Emery and Eaton Neighborhood in Leduc

On January 28th, 2019 Leduc City Council had the public hearing and passed the zoning of the Emery and Eaton Area Structure Plan. In their layout of the area, which is located south of Rollyview road, north of Robinson and east of Meadowview they hve three sections.

  1. The northern part is light industrial/warehousing and commercial
  2. The most southwestern section is reserved for residential
  3. The section between the two will be a treed and have a nature landscape.

The reason for the three areas is the nef contour line, that is dictated by the flight paths. The Edmonton International Airport is a 24 hour airport so they do not want to have any residential right below the flight path, so that they don’t get any complaints causing the airport to close its hours of operations. The warehousing and light industrial is two-fold as well, since we are marketing ourselves on a global scale as a logistics and warehousing hub for good and services to reach North America having this area is will add more land to the growing industry as well as bring in some desperately needed a commercial to a side of town that has only one small strip mall. At this moment it takes one resident 45 minutes to walk to the convenience store in the strip mall from her home. The developer Qualico has taken that into account and noted that they want to make the best convenience neighborhoods.

The second part to note is the residential part that they will be building. They will be starting with the residential, the Developer said. When I chatted with him after the meeting he mentioned that the builders are requesting zero lot lines with rear access. The zero lot lines allow a larger house on a smaller lot because the house is built close or to right next property line. This allows for a more affordable home because the size of the lot is smaller. Given the nature of our market and the mortgage rules it does make sense that this is what the builders are looking for.

The third part of the zoning is a treed part that separates the 2 areas. This zoning will bring the community to bike path around to Telford Lake and to the rest Leduc. Shane, the Developer from  Qualico said that other communities wish they had a path that brings all our neighborhoods together. And living in this beautiful city of Leduc, that I can agree with. We are lucky to be able to call Leduc home and a great place to invest.