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Market Timing and Local Realtors

Are you thinking to be listing your property this spring? Are you looking to move to a bigger house? Or are you looking to downsize?

There is so much psychology to when you should list your house on the market, most people think that they should wait till spring to list their property but I think that is a false ideal. Did you know that most people start looking online for 6 weeks prior to actually going to see houses in person? So by listing in January or February you have the opportunity to catch people who are starting to peak at what is available now, virtually. That means less competition for the enquiring eyes that are starting to look online. And more time for the right person to fall in love with your home or work the numbers out to confirm it is a sound investment.

There is no denying it is a tough market right now, with that comes new and changing strategies to embrace the market conditions. This includes when and who to list with. There are lots of people moving in and out of Leduc, and the surrounding areas and with that they usually use the same Realtor for both transactions. I believe that using a local Realtor who knows the area, all the communities personally is the best bet to a successful experience. They will have first hand knowledge of the market and the economics, as they pay the taxes and talk to their friends at the grocery stores. When talking about the houses they can speak actually knowing what it is like to have their kids play in the playground, go to those schools, shop in the local stores.

One thing that some Leduc Realtors do that helps us be geographic specialists is we do an open house tour with other local Realtors of our new listings. This gives us a better awareness of the listings on the market so that we can price more sharply as well as get a head start at looking if we have any buyers that are looking as well. This year I sold and bought my personal residence so I can speak from personal experience the pressure of always having your house clean and show ready. Especially when you have kids, they dont care about having a house that can be show home clean in an hour. They just want to play. Which is fair enough for them, but not very helpful for us.

Another benefit of a local Realtor is that they can promote your home on the swap and buy pages or buy and sell pages as well as the community pages on social media. Someone who has them on their own page is more likely to know the rules of each page, and be able to have a better grasp of the popular pages of the community. With the social media and online presence I believe that having a virtual walk through is important so that potential customers get a chance to see the layout and make more educated decisions before they see them in person. Plus they can be linked to posts and right on the website so there is an even larger online presence for the 6 weeks that they look online before they actually hit the streets.

So when interviewing a Realtor make sure you ask specific questions on how they market and why? It is an integral part of selling your home. Any questions please dont hesitate to reach out to me at or call or text me at 780-718-8461.